Walking in the Spirit

“Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.”Galatians 5: 16 When I realized that I have two separate, independent natures, I began to better understand the Bible. For example, Psalms 119:1 describes someone who is blameless. BLAMELESS? Sinless? How can that be when other verses  emphatically say that ALL […]

The Son Shiners

When I started teaching a Bible class at a nearby Nursing Home, I chose what I thought to be the perfect name—————-“The Son Shiners.” My idea was that the name would be a reminder of Jesus-the Son of God-the Light. As children of God and ambassadors for Christ, we will shine for Jesus. Or something […]

Freedom to Pray to Jesus

My parents are both buried in Houston at the National Cemetery. I discovered today that the cemetery director has banned the words “God,” and “Jesus” during funeral services or any other gatherings at the cemetery. The director has also demanded that pastor’s submit their prayers for approval and has turned the chapel into a meeting […]

Jesus Faithfulness

Faith in Jesus? or The Faith of Jesus? In reading different Bible translations, such as KJV and NKJV, I find some differences that change the meaning of the verse. I am not a student of Greek–wish I were. I am guessing that when there is not a clear transfer from one language to the other, […]


News From Golden Years April 24, 2011 I love my Saturday Bible class at Golden Years Nursing Home. Now that I have a microphone, everyone can hear me. The class is much more attentive as well as interactive. Opps! Did I say attentive. Seems that Mrs. Victoria Lueke has dozed off. Or, maybe the camera […]

Looking for God’s Message

After studying the parables of Jesus in Matthew 13, it occurred to me that in preparing Bible lessons teachers as well as pastors are guilty of writing parables about Bible verses. For example, Genesis 9:14 is part of God’s correspondence with Noah. God is describing the covenant (contract) He made with Noah and his descendants […]