Jesus Faithfulness

Faith in Jesus? or The Faith of Jesus? In reading different Bible translations, such as KJV and NKJV, I find some differences that change the meaning of the verse. I am not a student of Greek–wish I were. I am guessing that when there is not a clear transfer from one language to the other, […]

Jesus Created All Things

It’s interesting how the Bible lesson I present each week develops. I study and make choices, but the ideas seem to flip from one topic to the next. The lesson taught today was not selected during Bible study. Instead, it was while creating craft stuff for a friend. Let me explain. My friend directs a […]

Vicki’s Beaded Bracelet Ministry

The young woman holding the white Maltese puppy is Vicki. Vicki is 50+ and has been epileptic most of her life. She wears the bike helmet to protect her head. I am so use to seeing her with the helmet that I forget about it. But, Vicki’s helmet is not what I want to tell […]

Feeding Our Spirit Nature

We Are Never too Old to Be of Service to God I teach a Bible class at a local nursing home.  At first, the many interruptions made it difficult for me to stay focused on my lesson.  For example: Today, a lady blurted out that she would like a cup of coffee. I stopped my […]

Elderly Mass Produce Gospel Bracelets

A few years ago hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico caused people from that area to have to evacuate their homes.  Many of these displaced people came through our town. The Volunteer Fire Dept and local Churches prepared food, lodging etc…. for those needed it. Even nursing home residents ministered to these needy people. With […]