Information Please: An Amazing Person

Whose life have you touched today? Remember to live and savor every moment…..this is not a dress rehearsal! This story was recently emailed to me with no credit to the author. Since I teach a Bible class at a nursing home, it was the perfect story for them. I find that they love stories of […]

The Trinity: Three In One

How to Model the Trinity: The Three Divine Person of God The Trinity is one God in three persons. This concept is as difficult for kids as it is for adults. If you work with children, you might use the Pretzel Clay Craft Activity, which like the diagram shown, is made from one roll of […]

Baptized in Jesus

I am been presenting lessons to the elderly about our two natures: flesh nature and spirit nature. Flesh Nature, AKA: Sin Nature; Flesh; Old Man Spirit Nature, AKA: New Creation, New Man Today’s lesson is about the death of our Flesh Nature. Romans 6: 3a describes the death and burial of our Flesh Nature— Therefore, […]

Isaiah 55:1-3

I love the poetic style of the New King James version. I also like that this  Bible version capitalizes pronouns that refer to God. When reading scripture, I try to identify the person or persons receiving the message. For example, for me to better understand the message in Isaiah 55, I looked at Isaiah 1:1 […]

Jesus Through the Bible

A Clever Idea for Celebrating Jesus’ Birth

This is a must see!!

Who Is Our Enemy?

While watching WW II documentaries, I learned that prior to the declaration of war, noted Americans, including John F. Kennedy were part of a national Anti-War organization. On December 7, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and the US declared War. The Anti-War organization was dissolved and the representatives joined other Americans in defending our country. […]

Renewing Fellowship with Jesus

Rain is so cleansing. Hundreds of thousand of tiny water drops hit against flower petals, grass, leaves and everything beneath the cloud from which water drops are released. The gentle flow of the rain water over flower petals in the photo washes away dirt to reveal the flower’s natural colors. Sin in our lives can […]