Vicki’s Beaded Bracelet Ministry

The young woman holding the white Maltese puppy is Vicki.

Vicki is 50+ and has been epileptic most of her life. She wears the bike helmet to protect her head. I am so use to seeing her with the helmet that I forget about it.

But, Vicki’s helmet is not what I want to tell you. This amazing lady and her mother, Vivian, were able to witness to children and adults around the world without leaving their room at Golden Years Nursing Home in Marlin, Texas.  You can find this story here— Elderly Mass Produce Gospel Bracelets

Basically, Vicki and Vivian made Gospel Bracelets using colored beads as shown in the diagram.When Vicki’s mother died, Vicki found making the gospel bracelets reminded her of her mother.This memory was too painful.

Click Diagram for Bracelet Instructions

Click Diagram for Bracelet Instructions

It has been two years since Vivian died, and recently Vicki asked if she could again make the Gospel bracelets.

Without Vivian, I had to think of a way for Vicki to do this because Vivian cut the cord for each bracelet and tied all the knots.

I tried an idea that has really worked well. Instead of Vicki making individual bracelets, she string the beads in order of color one set after the other on a long cord.

I knew that the beads might fall off of the cord so I created a container to hold the cord.

I am such a Pack-Rat–but it generally pays off. I buy instant sugar-free tea with peach flavor–UUM! Good! I get this at WalMart. The tea is inside tiny plastic containers (more about these another time), which are stacked inside a tall plastic cylinder with a lid. The plastic cylinder is perfect.

I punched a hole in the bottom of several of the plastic cylinders and threaded the end of a long piece of the  bracelet cord through the hole. As you can see in the diagram, a knot was tied to keep the cord from being pulled out of the container.

How long is the coil of cord–I use about 6 feet, which is easy to work with.

Vicki strings the colored beads on the cord.To keep the beads from sliding off the end of the cord, I cut a diagonal  slit in the top of the container. Pulling the end of the cord down this slit secures it.

Vicki can work on the beads and secure the end of the cord when she gets tired.

When Vicki fills the cord, I pick it up replacing it with another container of cord. At this time, I don’t have helpers that can tie knots, so when I am resting, I cut 15 inch cord for individual bracelets, tie a knot just off center, and then thread a set of 5 beads off of Vicki’s cord onto the prepared cord. With the second knot tied, I have completed one bracelet.

We are back in the bracelet business again–yea!! Yes, I am looking for outlets for the bracelets.

This post is the second chapter in Vicki’s Bracelet Story. All the Chapters are listed below.

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