The Son Shiners

When I started teaching a Bible class at a nearby Nursing Home, I chose what I thought to be the perfect name—————-“The Son Shiners.”

My idea was that the name would be a reminder of Jesus-the Son of God-the Light.

As children of God and ambassadors for Christ, we will shine for Jesus. Or something like that.

The class name–“The Son Shiners” was  placed on the activity schedule for each Saturday at 10:00 am.

I never dreamed that the class name was going to be so confusing for one of the ladies. She faithfully came to class and was always disappointed that the singing group never showed up.

Esther: “Where are the singers?”

Me “Esther, we are having our Bible class now. There are no singers.”

Esther: “Will they be here later?”

“No, there will be no singers today?”

Esther: “The schedule said men were coming to sing.” “When are they coming?”

These and other questions were asked each week because each week Esther came to hear the  male singing group called “The Son Shiners.

I finally had  “The Son Shiners” removed from the schedule and replaced it with:

Bible Class-10am

If you have any type of class at a nursing home, my advice is to select a name that is plain and simple.