Jesus Created All Things

It’s interesting how the Bible lesson I present each week develops. I study and make choices, but the ideas seem to flip from one topic to the next.

The lesson taught today was not selected during Bible study. Instead, it was while creating craft stuff for a friend. Let me explain. My friend directs a yearly city-wide fair. She calls it “FUN-DAY,” which is an appropriate description of the kid games and crafts available.

This project is not funded by any organization, but fancy stuff is not necessary for kids to have fun. I help by collecting different things on sale during the year, and then create crafts and games for the kids.

While creating several craft examples using 3-D stick-on foam designs, it occurred to me to have Bible verses on labels for the kids to attach to the cards.

Now the craft was linked to the Bible and of course my next thought was to use the cards in my Bible class. I chose the following verse for the lesson:

John 1:3 “All things were made through Him (Jesus), and without Him nothing was made that was made.”

The verse and the cards were a perfect fit.I told the class that kids attending “Fun Day”  would be making making similar cards.

One class member suggested using the cards as a book mark in their Bibles. That is what she plans to do with her card.

The book mark idea prompted another lady, who is more challenged in her thinking, to tell us about her Bible, which is a picture book. She repeatedly said that God made the Sun, the Stars and the Moon. Then she would add that God made the Earth and the animals and people.

How blessed we are to have this sweet lady in our group. Her eyes sparkle when she describes things in her Bible.  She is a reminder that while the Bible is a book about God it is also a book from God with good news about Jesus.

The Good News from God in the Bible is that He, in human form, was the sinless substitute sacrifice required as payment for the sins of His children.

The Bible gives us clues for how we can deepen our relationship with Jesus our Lord–our creator–our savior.

The Bible tells us that He chose us before He created everything. Ephesians 1

The Bible tells us that He gives us the faith needed to develop the gifts He gives us. Rom. 12

The Bible tells us that we trust (believe) in Jesus because we are one of His sheep (children). John 10

We will be studying the previous clues for better developing our relationship with Jesus as well as many others in the near future. We invite you to come back and read about our adventures in digging out and using clues found in God’s Word.

Any Ideas for Accomplishing the Following?

I’d like to get a group of kids–elementary would work great–to help me with a craft workshop. The elderly could pick out the foam pieces they want on a card and the kids could peel off the backing and stick it on the card. Some could do their own peeling–but many cannot. Now all I have to do is get someone to bring a group of kids. I find it difficult to get anyone interested in going to the nursing home. HELP!! I NEED IDEAS!!