Elderly Mass Produce Gospel Bracelets

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A few years ago hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico caused people from that area to have to evacuate their homes.  Many of these displaced people came through our town. The Volunteer Fire Dept and local Churches prepared food, lodging etc…. for those needed it.

Even nursing home residents ministered to these needy people. With colored beads and cord, they make beautiful colored necklaces. These sweet gifts were given to ladies and children displaced from their homes.

Because of the necklace project, a Campus Crusade for Christ missionary asked if we would make gospel bracelets.

Of Course We Can!

UMM! On second thought, the necklaces were easy. My elderly friends threaded the beads in any order onto a pre-cut cord, and then I tied all the knots.

The bracelets required two knots and the beads had to be in a specific order by color.

Before reporting that I’d spoken too quickly about making Gospel bracelets, Vivian and Vicki Moore, mother and daughter, took on this project.These two lived together at the nursing home.

Vicki was able to separate the beads by color, putting them into separate containers. I was thrilled when Vicki started stringing beads. Her mom cut the cord and tied the first knot, and then Vicki strung the five beads. Vick had a pattern to follow. Once she had the five beads strung, she placed the free end of the cord under the clip on a clip-board. Mom tied the last knot. Voila’! the bracelet was made.

Vivian had physical problems that limited her mobility, but her hands were agile enough to tie knots in the cord. Vivian was very intelligent and at 80+ had no signs of dementia. Vivian later told me that before the gospel bracelet project started, she had been very depressed. She spent each day in her room watching TV, doing puzzles, and reading. But, day-in and day-out this routine made her feel useless.

I never dreamed how big this bracelet project would be. Vicki and Vivian were turning out bracelets faster than I could order the beads and cord. I quickly learned to purchase mega-amounts. After all, it takes a lot of beads and cord to make 10,000 + bracelets.

YES!! This mother and daughter team made over 10,000 bracelets in about 18 months. Buying supplies was no problem. But, what was I going to do with all of the bracelets?

In a short time, I had missionaries contacting me. The gospel bracelets were given to children and adults in many different parts of the world, including, Canada, Russia, Honduras,  ….etc.

The missionaries mailed  thank-you notes to Vivian and Vicki. These cards let these beautiful ladies know where the bracelets were distributed. Some even had pictures.

This is an example of how God can use us no matter how old. Even though Vivian never left her room at the nursing home, she spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ  around the world.

You can start your own Bead Ministry. Instructions for making Gospel Bracelets can be found

HERE!!———-How to Make A Gospel Bracelet


Vivian went home to be with the Lord several years ago. When her mother died, Vicki didn’t want to make the bracelets. It made her feel sad.

Recently, Vicki asked if she could again make the Gospel bracelets to tell others about Jesus.  While Vicki can string the beads correctly, she is not able to measure the cord or tie the knots.

Not only is Vicki making bracelets again, she is training others as well as distributing the bracelets. This is no small task for Vicki.

God is using Vicki because of her physical and mental challenges.

This post is the First  chapter in Vicki’s Ministry for Jesus. All the Chapters are listed below.

The Ongoing Story of Vicki’s Ministry for Jesus

1. How Vicki’s Gospel Bracelet Ministry Got Started

2. Vicki’s Special Method of Creating Gospel Bracelets

3. Vicki Trains A Missionary